My stressful day!

I was hoping today would be nice and quiet since it is a bank holiday here in the UK.

The morning was nice but then I decided to go to Westfield to sort out my new uniform for work.

It was all fine until I got to the bus stop, because of Notting Hill Carnival all the buses was so crowded so I had to stand and it got so hot.

Halfway there I started feeling ill because silly me had forgotten to eat, so I decided to leave the bus and got something to eat. Felt a bit better afterwards and when I got on the bus again I got to experience the chaos that is Notting Hill Carnival as we drove past the area. 

At last I arrived at Westfield and I could get my new uniform before browsing some stores and then heading home, just had to find the right bus as the Overground was closed and the buses on diversion.

The bus home was just as stressful as there was two people with a toddler in the seat in front of me and the child was screaming the whole time, because she didnt get her way. When they left, some young people that had been to the carnival entered the bus and they were so loud, one of them was one the phone, she was screaming so loud that I think the other person would have heard her anyway, without the phone. Luckily my headache started to fade when they also left the bus.

Now I am home at last and planning to do nothing this evening, maybe go to bed early as I have work in the morning.




About mokath

Norwegian in Vancouver.
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