My shoulder hurts.

I think I must have pinched a muscle in my left shoulder because when I woke up yesterday my neck and shoulder were a bit sore, but I figured it would get better slowly.It didnt.Woke up at 4am today and almost couldnt move, took me about 30min to slowly get myself to sit up, luckily I had one nurofen tablet left and that helped a bit. I almost didnt want to go back to sleep because I was afraid the muscle would stiffen up again. Hopefully it would be gone in a few days but I should stop by a pharmacy just in case.

Typical that this happens just when I got an exciting job interview.



About mokath

Norwegian in Vancouver.
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2 Responses to My shoulder hurts.

  1. Malin says:

    Jeg har også skikkelig vondt i min skulder! Klarer ikke røre hånden..

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