Many years ago, when I still was a teenager I became a fan of the game : The Longest Journey. It is an adventure game where you play as the character April Ryan who discovers there is a magical world, but it is in danger and she has to restore the balance and save both the normal world and the magical one (Stark and Arcadia).

Some years after I played the sequel Dreamfall, where you control three characters Zoë Castillo, Kian Alvane and April Ryan.

After finishing Dreamfall I read somewhere on the Internet that the company making these games promised their fans there would be a third one and that the fans just had to be patient.

I have always believed that one day there will be a third game, as a matter of fact I was thinking about it just a few days ago and today I read an article on that they are in the process of making the game,they are using Kickstarter to get the funding and I am considering donating some money cause I just cant wait to see how the story continues.



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Norwegian in Vancouver.
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