Series to watch.

I am addicted to a few series and I wanted to write a list of my recommendations.

My all time favourite. Starring Jason Segel, Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick Harris.

How I Met Your Mother – The story of how Ted meets his wife.
Big Bang Theory – Nerds meets pretty girl.
Fresh Meat – Life of university studies in Manchester, UK.
The Inbetweeners (UK) – Group of 4 guys in a sixth form college in UK.
Six Feet Under – About a family who runs a funeral home.
Parenthood – The life of the Braverman clan.
Once Upon A Time – Fairytale characters stuck in a small US town.
The Event – Aliens conspires against the US president.
The L Word – Lesbians in LA.
New Girl – Quirky Jess gets dumped and moves into a flat with 3 guys.
Futurama – Fry gets frozen 1999 and is unfrozen into the year 3000.
Mad Men – Advertising agency in the 60’s.
True Blood – Vampires, Fairies and shape shifters.
Downton Abbey – Life of the Crawley family and their servants in 1910’s
Glee – musical drama about a glee club in Ohio.
Big Love – The life of Bill Hendrickson and his three wifes.
Pushing Daisies – Ned the pie maker can bring people back to life.

Drama about the Braverman clan. Starring Lauren Graham and Peter Krause.

Life in a student house in Manchester.

Vampires coming out of the coffin. Starring Alexander Skarsgard.

Do you have any series recommendation for me?


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Norwegian in Vancouver.
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